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Dear Tom.

higginspicWe cannot thank you enough for the great fob you did restoring our Dog Guard electric fence. We truly appreciate all the time you spent (several hours over two days) not only working on the fence, but also teaching us how to train our dog with the fence and giving us general obedience tips. You really do have a way with animals. We’ve followed your advice and Higgins is doing much better!

Training Higgins on the fence was really easy. He knew to stay away from the flags by day two and was able to be free in the yard, off the leash, by the end of the week. He is doing great and now we can relax when he*s out in the yard without worrying about him paying a visit to the neighbor. Some dogs are too friendly for their own good!

Most of all we want to thank you for donating your time and services to our family in appreciation (or my husband’s service In Iraq. We were stunned when you told us that all your hard work would be free of charge as your way of expressing gratitude for my husband’s sacrifice over this past year. I have to say it has been a really long year. You are the first person I have encountered who truly appreciates the sacrifices military families make for our country. Words cannot possibly express how touched we are by your kindness. You worked so hard, and for so many hours, we just want to tell the world about your generosity! I have shared this story with so many friends and family. Many reacted with tears because they realize that many people go about their lives without taking the time to appreciate those who make our freedom possible. You are a rare exception and we are incredibly grateful to you.

We are very happy with the fence. Higgins is happy that we’ve stopped shouting at him to come back to the yard! We are slowly removing the flags and soon only Higgins will know the fence is there.

Thank you again for your hard work and generosity. We would recommend your products and service to anyone!

Wendy. Joe and Higgins Merrill



Dear Tommy,


I would have never believed that the fence could keep our lab Champ in the yard seeing as we live so close to the water and all he cared about was running to the beach.


I didn’t believe the fence would work. To tell you the truth. I was totally against the purchase Nil my wife talked me into it since you guaranteed to contain our dog and guaranteed all the equipment. She said we had nothing to lose. Thank God I listened to my wife!


By the way, thank you for training Champ to walk on a loose leach. Our Last dog pulled us around the neighborhood for the 1S years of his life. You taught us how to walk our dog on a loose leash in two minutes! Our neighbors can’t believe it either.


I was also very happy with your service and the extra mile you went to fix the wire break caused by the bob cat when we were putting our pool in two weeks after you installed the fence (and at no charge!). I recommend your service to everyone!


Rick Avila





We want to tell you how happy we are with our new Dog Guard fence. It is amazing to us how different Brady has been behaving since he has the run of the yard. He is much more calm now and doesn’t jump on us like he used to. Thank you also for your obedience tips! You really have a wonderful way with dogs and the short time you worked with us really made such a big difference in his behavior. Our friends and family have noticed the same changes and like to be around him so much more.


Of course, now we don’t have to worry about Brady running into the street which has given us such peace of mind! We are so happy not to be dealing with the guilt of having him in the kennel all day and not having to deal with all of that pent up energy when we come home from work every day. I was amazed at how easy the training was and with your guidance we were able to leave our dog unsupervised in less than two weeks!


Thanks again for providing us with top notch service!


Kristen Bourgault



Dear Tommy,


We are very happy with our new Out of Sight Fence system! Our dog can no longer chase cars, rabbits, or deer out of the yard and we love that she can be outside with us without worrying if she’ll run into the woods or up the street.


We found the Dog Guard system not only less expensive (over $200. less than the major competitor) but it still had all the perks and warranties. We were thrilled to see the area your system covered – it gives our dog so much room – we now enjoy having her outside with us and found the training quick and easy. When “Abbi” our schnauzer mix chased the first rabbit out of the yard we were very skeptical that the fence would stop her at the street – but it did. She patrols the yard all the time now but only up to the boundary line! We should have had this system in for all of our dogs!


With sincere thanks,
Stephen and Lorrie Maher
Dartmouth, MA


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